How it Works

What is it?

The BigNoticeBoard is a set of community, topic based notice boards. By community we mean local community as in the area that you live. This is important, because it means that the notices tend to have a real purpose and are by people you are likely to meet.  The notice boards are a hub for finding out what is going on locally and a great place to promote your own activities.

Registered members can add notices which are then displayed in a variety of formats.  On notice boards for general notices, on the what's on events calendar for events and classes and on the special offer board for all local special offers.

How does it work?

When you register you can add notices, events, opinions and chat to the notice boards. These notices are placed on the topic based notice boards, the what's on calendar and on the talk board for visitors to the site to read and be informed.

You can also create your own web page (your profile page). When a visitor to the site clicks on one of your notices they are taken to your profile page. Your profile page contains information about you or your group or your business. It can contain pictures, text,videos and google maps and also contains its own comment and chat forum.

In this way you not only get a free webpage but you also have a way to promote it using the notices on the notice boards, the what's on calendar, the special offer board and the email newsletter.

Examples of how it can be used

Click here to read examples of use

How do I add content to the email Newsletter?

The content on the newsletter is taken from the website. 

Each weekly newsletter contains:

  • All one off events that will take place in the next thirty days
  • All regular events that will take place in the next week
  • Special offers that have been added or updated in the past seven days
  • Any articles that have been added in the past seven days

Keeping the Notice Boards Current

When people visit a website and see content that is out of date they leave the site and do not return.  For the benefit of visitors and to give more credibility to the notices added to the site notices, that have not been changed for a month, are 'taken down'. The owner of the notice is informed of this by email and can easily put the notice back up if it is still valid.