Examples of Use

You run a belly dancing group on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7pm.

You register with the BigNoticeBoard and login.

Your WebPage

The first task is to create a webpage. On it you include:
  • details about yourself and your class.
  • a google map to show the venue.
  • pictures of yourself and your class in full swing.
  • You might even add a youtube video of your class or a belly dancing display.

You now have a free webpage for your belly dancing class which will automatically be submitted to the google search engine. This webpage will also be shown when people click on the notices you are about to create about your belly dancing class.

Your Notices

You now want to promote your classes to local people. So you create three different notices - when a visitor clicks on any of these notices they will be taken to your WebPage.
You create:

  • A Regular Event Notice
  • A Standard Notice
  • A Special Offer Notice

a regular event notice

which outlines your class details and allows you to add the event times. The notice and the class dates will appear:
  • On the BigNoticeBoard Local What's On Calendar
  • On the email newsletter
  • On the local Facebook BigNoticeBoard What's On Fan Page
  • And on an RSS feed so that other local websites can list what's on

a standard notice

Placed on the sport and leisure notice board. This briefly outlines your class information will appear on the Sport and Leisure notice board where people searching for similar notices will find it. It will also be on the local BigNoticeBoard Sports and Leisure Facebook Page and the Sports and Leisure RSS feed.

a special offer

which offers the first class for free. This will appear on the local Special Offer board and also on the next email newsletter as well as the corresponding Facebook page and RSS feed.