BigNoticeBoard vs Your own Website

The Purpose of a Website
Unless you sell stuff through it - a website is a place to provide timely information to the visitor. In today's fast information society a website does not do this job very well, these are the reasons why.

Why Websites are not very good for their purpose
  • Websites are either time consuming or expensive to update
  • Consequently information on this type of website is usually old and out of date
  • With so few changes happening on individual websites they are not sticky, this means that people do not generally visit again
  • A website that only has information about a single shop, restaurant or class is not worth a casual visit.
  • Any information you do put on a website simply stays there. It does not filter out onto other website and through other media
  • If you want to update people with news etc you need to collect an email list and then hope that people open your emails
To summarise, a website is expensive, difficult to keep up to date, does not get any traffic (without expensive campaigns)

There is a Better Way
The BigNoticeBoard is a hyper-local website. It gathers together all of the information in your local area and makes it available to people in that area in many different ways. It can be used as a replacement for a traditional website, or can work very effectively alongside. But it has many advantages over traditional websites.
  • The BigNoticeBoard is free
  • It is easy to update with news, special offers, announcements and events or it is inexpensive to have it maintained for you
  • The information on it is always fresh and new and relevant to local people
  • Relevant information and the ability to interact means that the BigNoticeBoard is sticky, people do visit it regularly
  • It contains information about the whole local area and is well worth a casual visit for anyone interested in what is available locally
  • Information added to the BigNoticeBoard is made available to other websites, posted on Facebook Pages, printed and handed out and emailed to a mailing list
Making a splash in your local area has never been easier.